This year marks the 125th anniversary for American work-wear company, Carhartt. To celebrate this event they will be releasing a special edition 125th anniversary item every month for the next 12 months. You may sign up for the mailing list to receive an email for the item of the month. So far a few shirts, a special blanket, collaborative Ewing hammer and a few other items have dropped. Be on the lookout for next months item in June or get on the mailing list so you wont forget. There will be pocket knives, heavy duty bags, other tools and more to come over the next year for Carhartt.

I have always grown up with and around Carhartt, whether it was for working around the yard or lounging around the house. They have always been dependable in producing quality products and gear for the most extreme work conditions. Starting in 1889, Carhartt has been making a switch into more “street” styled workwear and clothing recently with Carhartt Work In Progress or Carhartt WIP. Started in 1994 and only introduced to Europe, Carhartt released its first WIP line in 1997 exclusively for European consumers. Opening a shop in the heart of SOHO, the New York City shop has had a ton of success since its open in the states. Providing chinos, cargo pants, shirts, vests, jackets and just about anything else you could think of with a slightly urban twist. So, whether it is for work or home, Carhartt provides and continues to provide the quality standard of clothing and products for just about anyone. for all your 125th anniversary needs and items. for all your Carhartt Work in Progress needs or just to check out this other selection of goods from Carhartt.



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