For my Expert Blog Post assignment I interviewed Schui Baumann. Schui is the Art Director for Level 1. Level 1 is a ski film production company and has been around since 1999. I thought that Schui would be a great person to talk to and gain some insight on what the clothing side of a ski company looks like.

Schui is originally from Germany, where he grew up and went to school. Throughout the interview we got to go over quite a bit of topics. First, I asked Schui about any media programs or classes he took during school. He then talks about how at first he mainly worked on graphics, movie concepts and much more, but now he has started to work on more of the merchandise side of things. Schui says this is because of the boom of shirt and product sales taking off between 2008 and 2009. Starting with just a line of tall t-shirts (still the top seller) has grown to hoodies, hats, jackets and even special collaboration projects of custom and limited run items.

Opening their shop doors at 3333 Larimer Street almost 2 and half years ago, everything is all done in-house. From shipping to editing to product photography and more, all under one roof. I then asked Schui what he has noticed in trends or styles in clothing throughout his time at Level 1. He said that their Tall T’s were the top sellers and even now go quick off the shelves. He talks about colors going in and out of style and what sort of colors the brand chooses now. Recently they have been choosing earth tones.

Lastly, I asked Schui about the best aspect of his job. It was a great pleasure to talk with Schui for the afternoon and I really appreciated him giving up part of the day for the interview.


Expert Blog Post

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