Gloomy weather pick-up

The past week in Denver has been windy and overcast it seems. With the cooler weather still around I felt like a new hoodie was in order. Wanting to buy something locally I checked out one of my top brands Jiberish, which happens to have their original flagship right downtown. The Jiberish Originals hoodie was the chosen item. It is a simple grey hoodie with a single print on the front. The print is for the LoHi store in Denver, the first retail shop for Jiberish. While I was at the shop I also picked up their camo Jiberish logo skate deck. The two were both on sale due to being left over stock from previous seasons.

Head over to and check out the store. They have great deals on past items still available and plenty of new items in stock. Jiberish is a great brand and have super good people behind it as well, not to mention being a local brand to Denver. Always happy to support.


Gloomy weather pick-up

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