Nike Air Supreme Foamposite

Today was the much anticipated release of the Supreme Nike Foamposite sneakers. Yesterday crowds swarmed the SoHo shop waiting for the line to begin for Thursdays release. Due to high crowds and fear of public safety the NYPD would not allow Supreme NY to release the shoes, jerseys, or shorts in the shop. They were only allowed to be released on-line.

I woke up this morning more than ready to try and grab a pair, but was unsuccessful. The pair of black Foamposite’s were taken out of my cart in seconds. Not only that, but seconds later the sneakers were completely sold out. Retailing for $250, you can find them for sale now at almost triple the price minimum.

Huge success on this drop for Supreme. for more pictures of the sneakers and matching items. The shoes have been restocking throughout the day, but chances are likely the sneakers will not appear back on the site for purchase.


Nike Air Supreme Foamposite

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