Wednesday Hat of the Day- 10 Deep Rifleman Snapback

On this cooler wednesday morning I pulled out another oldie to wear. The 10 Deep Rifleman Corduroy Snapback came out during the Holiday 2010 release. 10 Deep has been around NYC for almost 15 years and is one of my favorite brands to keep tabs on.

About 4 years ago I flew home to CT for christmas, but stopped first in NYC to visit the normal shops I would always go to. Most of them are all within a few blocks from each other, except 10 Deep. 10 Deep is located just over the Brooklyn Bridge. Walking around and enjoying the day I decided to make the trek and visit the store. Five miles later or so I was at 10 Deep only there was no store. Exploring the building I finally found an office that appeared to be 10 Deep’s and gave a knock. After getting let in and explaining my visit, I was allowed to have my pick of the litter. All hats, hoodies, shirts, pants, everything right in front of me on what seemed like the biggest shelves I’d ever seen. Making my choices, the Rifleman Corduroy Snapback was among them and it is still one of my most worn hats today. Walking back to Grand Central I felt a great feeling of appreciation for the guys at the office and would always remember that day.


Wednesday Hat of the Day- 10 Deep Rifleman Snapback

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