“Gourmet is a brand that truly defies categorization. Above all, cornerstone influences are Italian and Italian-American culture. From old world Italy and its grand tradition of menswear tailoring with luxe fabrics and trends that have driven the fashion market. To Italians in the metropolitan enclaves across the USA at batting cages and local giglio feasts wearing sweatpants with an undeniable swagger; Gourmet is all of the above.” -Gourmet

Gourmet is proud to introduce the RTH x Gourmet 2014 footwear collaboration. The Quadici is available in four styles, each of which features a different set of embellishments atop either a green and tan or purple and tan base. The taller 21 silhouette comes in two varieties, both of which start with a black and tan base and feature varying embellishments.

These start at the collectible price of $500.00 and the whole collection can be viewed on http://www.gourmetfootwear.com



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